Holidays in Chubut

Holidays in Chubut

Our last Summer vacations in Chubut gave us the opportunity to know hidden and beautiful places. From Buenos Aires we started our journey and after 2 days´drive we got to El Hoyo, Chubut.

It´s a village near El Bolson that is very picturesque and full of attractions to visit. One of the places that offered beautiful views and great entertainment is Puerto Patriada. Situated by athe Epuyen lake, this place is well known for all the water sports you can practice and the beautiful and quiet spots to spend some days camping.

The water is transparent, you can fish, practice kayak, water -ski, stand up paddle and more. We had got in contact with Puerto Patriada Kayak (*Puertopatriadakayak) via Instagram and had booked one of the excursions they organized on kayaks. The day was perfect, it was sunny, not a cloud in the sky, hot and the water seemed a mirror. When we arrived at the spot, a group of nearly twenty people were waiting for the organizers. We finally saw the instructors carrying the kayaks and all the equipment and the lesson began. We received a short training on how to row and all the things we needed to pay attention to in order to have a safe trip. Drinks, Food, a barbecue were loaded in some of the kayaks and off we went into the lake.


After no longer than 20 minutes all 8 kayas arrived at a solitary beach where we got off, some of us jumped into the cold water and some took a rest since the rowing had been really exhausting! But fun!

The 2 guys in charge of the excursion prepared lunch for all of us, a simple meal but delicious and desert was more than perfect: berries, the star fruit of those lands. After that, we were invited for a short trekking up a stoned wall hill full of dry trees and we got to the top we found an amazing of the lake and the landscape that surrounds it. It was impossible to take a picture that showed the immensity of the place, the colors of the water, the stones, the mountains.

Holidays in Chubut
Holidays in Chubut

We descended slowly to where the kayaks were and now we had a rowing trip crossing the lake to the opposite side, to get to another beach where we could rest for a while, have “mate” and swim.

It was now a bit windy but we were so happy and enthusiastic for all the experience we were having that it was no problem. Once at the beach, the whole group gathered for “mate” and home-made cookies with raspberry jam. An hour there and then back to where all had started.

This trip is highly recommended, it starts at 10 am and finished at 5pm. All day is an extraordinary experience of fun, sport, being in contact with nature. I have never done such a trip before, I still remember while rowing seeing us so little by the huge mountain walls.

So if you happen to be visiting El Bolson or nearby places make time for Puerto Patriada and you won´t regret it


by Alejandra Karina Barrios

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